Allan Morton has thirty five years of cultural resource management experience and 20 years of business and project development. Allan received a Masters in heritage management and a Doctorate in archaeological science from England’s University of Cambridge.


1996 – Ph.D. Anthropological Science, Cambridge University, England
1992 – M.A. Heritage Management, Cambridge University, England


2008-2010, Fellowship Coordinator, Chasing Mummies, The History Channel, The Supreme Council of Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt

2005-2015, Director of Cultural Resources Division, Paciulli Simmons and Associates, Ltd

2004-Present, Principal Investigator, Bluestone Research LLC

2002-2003, Cultural Resource Manager, Ministry of Defense, Salisbury Plain, England.

1999-2001, Assistant Cultural Resource Manager, Fort Hood, TX

1987-1995, Program Co-ordinator, Koobi Fora Field School, Harvard University and the National Museums of Kenya

Marie Morton is part owner and Principal Investigator at Bluestone Research 2004 Ltd. with twenty nine years of experience as a  historic archaeologist and conducting ethnographic studies. Marie specialized in historic research and earned two BAs from the University of California, Berkeley and an MA from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, USA.


1994 – M.A. Historical Archaeology, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

1992 – B.A. Anthropology, UC, Berkeley

1992 – B.A. History, UC, Berkeley


2004, Present, Principal Investigator, BlueStone Research

2005-2012, Principal Investigator, Paciulli Simmons and Associates, Ltd

2002-2003, Project Officer, Historic research, Wessex Archaeology, UK

1995-2001, Historian, Prewitt and Associates, Inc., Austin, TX Management of historic research projects including: development of research plans, oral history, archival research, photo research, manuscript writing, and project management.


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