Bluestone Research 2004 Ltd has been delivering a comprehensive range of archaeological services in Ontario since 2004. Our offerings include:

Archaeological Assessments

Stage 1 Archaeological Overview/Background Studies

Stage 2 Archaeological Field Assessments

Stage 3 Archaeological Site Documentation

Stage 4 Archaeological Site Mitigation

Heritage Assessments

Cultural Heritage Screening Reports

Cultural Heritage Evaluation Reports

Cultural Heritage Impact Assessments

Comprising a team of licensed professionals, Bluestone Research specializes in providing top-notch archaeological services to engineering firms, developers, and both Provincial and Federal agencies. Our team ensures seamless archaeological solutions, working closely with clients to devise effective strategies for archaeological compliance.

Our exceptional team has established a strong relationship with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism, ensuring that your project is smoothly and successfully completed. Our staff, consisting of cultural resource specialists and Registered Professional Archaeologists, brings extensive experience in handling diverse prehistoric and historic projects. With a track record of completing hundreds of projects across all investigation levels, from Stage 1 to Stage 4, we are dedicated to facilitating development through our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Archaeological Field Assessments
Cultural Heritage Impact Assessments

Track Record

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