Bluestone Research provides the following
archaeological consulting services:

Archaeological Assessments

Stage 1 Archaeological Overview/Background Studies

Stage 2 Archaeological Field Assessments

Stage 3 Archaeological Site Documentation

Stage 4 Archaeological Site Mitigation

Heritage Assessments

Cultural Heritage Screening Reports

Cultural Heritage Evaluation Reports

Cultural Heritage Impact Assessments

Additionally, Bluestone performs cultural resource projects in compliance with
the U.S. Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, and the regulations of the
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Phase I Archaeological Surveys

Phase II Archaeological testing

Phase III Data Recovery Excavations

Cultural Resource Studies for Environmental Impact Statements

Cultural Resource Studies for Environmental Assessments

Preliminary Cultural Resource Review Forms

National Register of Historic Places Nominations

Determinations of Eligibility

Land-Use Histories

Site predictability models

Site assessments and disturbance studies

Reconnaissance studies

Construction monitoring

Archaeology & Architectural History

Cultural resources compliance

Archaeological site investigation

Historic property identification and evaluation

Emergency discovery and mitigation plans

Laboratory & Collections Management

Preparation of collections for long-term curation

Conditions assessments of curation facilities

Treatment plans for collections and facilities

Exhibit design, production, and installation

Research & Publications

Historical and archival research

Land-use and landscape histories

Public lectures, brochures, and exhibits

Access to national research depositories

Policy & Planning

Regulatory assistance

Native American consultation

Cultural heritage tourism

Training seminars

Architectural History

Historic property identification and evaluation

Determinations of National Register eligibility

National Register nominations

Historic structures reports

Emergency Discoveries

Regulatory agency coordination

Formulation of treatment options

Implementation of mitigation strategies

Artifact Treatment & Collections Assessments

Condition assessments of artifacts

Conservation of metals, bone, textiles, and leather

Development of long-range conservation plans

Implementation of collections management programs

Training Seminars

Artifact identification

Artifact conservation

Artifact inventory and database procedures

Collections management and long-range care

Research Themes

Archaeological sites

Historic structures and districts

Urban and rural settlement patterns

Town, city, and county development

Corporate and institutional studies

Military installations and fortifications

Battlefields and military encampments

Commercial and industrial facilities

Transportation networks

Publications & Presentations

Cultural resource management reports

Scholarly and popular articles

House histories





Preservation Policy & Planning

Cultural resources management plans

Coordination of cultural resource compliance with environmental review

Regulatory agreements and legislative analysis

Cultural Heritage & Toursim

Historical and archaeological guidebooks

Coordination of heritage tourism with eco-tourism

Preservation and planning studies


Bluestone Research Office


161 Lake Drive North
Keswick Ontario
L4P 3C8